Ideas for card flip annimation

Hi, I created a card flip animation and need ideas on how to make the interaction more obvious to the site visitor. Any ideas are welcome!

Here is my site, The card flip is located on the training page.

Can you please update your post with a link to the live page @flipflop335 ?

Thank you,


Okay, done. Thank you.

I would add something like a “Click for more information” little call out that shows up somewhere on the card when you hover it?

Nice job incorporating that! :slight_smile:

I guess I was hoping for something a little more exciting. The issue I’m having is that because I put the cards in a slider, people aren’t intuitively hovering over the images. So if they don’t hover then they don’t know it does anything. I was thinking of using an image like this, That has some kind of animation to it so when they are looking at the page it is moving or something to indicate they should click or hover.

I’d say go with that! :slight_smile: Make sure it’s very prevalent that the user needs to take an action @flipflop335 . :slight_smile: