Idea/Question - Versioning of Sections

Good Morning! So new here, not sure of the correct place for a feature idea or feature research. So apologies in advance if this is the wrong place. I have been using web flow for a week, loving it. Our site is feedback welcome. We are using a creative DNS strategy to use webflow as landing area and shopify for ecomerce.

Ok on to my idea… er question.

So I know that every action is essentially queued in to an undo/redo buffer… and I knwo that the webflow system automatically creates snapshot backups of the sites. As I was working this morning it occured to me that a nice feature would be that each section would have an independant timeline or version control, much like that of the entire site (backup) system.

Please advise if this is managed another way or comment as you are so inclined.

Have a blessed day,

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Jamie aka Dr. Fab

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Hey @drfab , your idea seems like a branch/version control as seen in GitHub but you would like each section to be a separate branch to hold the different versions. Quite interesting.

The proper section for a wishlist as such to be posted would be here instead: