Idea for Webflow's color-picker chrome extension

For anyone who uses Photoshop, you know the common practice of temporarily “storing” colors in the two color swatches at left of screen. I have found myself wanting to be able to do this on multiple occasions for primary colors I use all throughout my websites.

I am curious if a left-bar global color swatch feature could be added to Webflow’s color picker chrome extension:

You simply click the color and it acts exactly like the color picker already current works, except whatever color you pick gets stored in the tile. These squares can then be used when you go to pick colors the normal way with the current color picker.



If they don’t have the extension, it would show this empty state. The empty state could be a way to better promote the existence of Webflow’s extension. Clicking on it would take them to the chrome web store.

Wishlist NOW!!! This feature would be very useful

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Please everyone show your support for this idea here: Webflow Chrome Extension: Add 2 color swatches for | Webflow Wishlist

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