Idea for a community driven website, is it possible in webflow?

I have a client who has an idea for a small community driven website and wanting to know if anyone one had any insight into how it could be implemented with a webflow site.

The idea is to bring awareness to potholes and in general bad roading in rural areas by having people upload photos and pin locations, which then gets pulled to a feed which can be displayed on a webflow site.

Key features

  • Automated so people would send the photo and location (via email) it automatically gets added to the feed.

  • Ability for people to click into the location to view in google maps

  • Possibly a map which pins all the locations so people can see the scope.

I was thinking of creating a zap from gmail to webflow but i believe webflow cant pull images?

Maybe an instagram zap could work?

People email submissions and attach the photo to my gmail and the zap pulls the image/location from gmail and automatically posts these to the instagram account. I would then embed the instagram feed on the site.

Anyone have any ideas or experience in something along these lines? At this stage its just an idea , just trying to get a general idea of the scope of it all.

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