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ID when clicks make a function

Hello, im trying to make an Id than when i click it runs this function:

this is my project:

And this is my code so far

$(document).ready(function() {
	// config
	label1 = 'prueba1';
	label2 = 'prueba2';
	label3 = 'prueba3';
  	        label4 = 'prueba4';
	label5 = 'prueba5';
	label6 = 'prueba6';
     	label7 = 'prueba7';
	label8 = 'prueba8';
	label9 = 'prueba9';

	// do not touch
	imgbegin = '<img src="';
	imgend = '" />';
	// end

	// First dot.
	// Second dot.
	// Third dot.







On click on element X (which element), you want Y (What should happen)? …Your Q is too general (Add more details).