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ID navigation with hover states?

Hi Im trying to jump to different IDs by pressing buttons. Is it possible to get a sections in hoverstate when you jump to it? Im trying to ask a number of questions to help people resolve their issues. Like do you want buttonA or bottonB ? When pressed jump to ID A or B. Then I would like this section to be highlighted to let you know what to answer next…
The page now moves around but as I have a lot of buttons you dont really know what to answer next .
Any help would be apppreciated.

To give you an idea of what Im doing. The problem is that the hover state appears only where the mouse happends to be. I would like the called ID to highlight.

Well there is probably a way to use interactions to alter the look of the targeted ‘next’ section, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it: it’s a bit overcomplicated, you’re trying to use Webflow as a programmation tool which isn’t. That said, if you want to try, please do (:

I can propose you some alternatives. As you want your visitors to keep the focus, you could do one of the following:

  1. make the body 100% height, and then every section 100% height. That way, each section takes up all the vertical space. Wehn you click to get to one section, only this one is visible so it’s obvious you have to answer this question.

  2. use pages… one page by question, for the same reasons and benefit than for point 1.

Vincent THX , thought of full page but think I will run into issues with screensizes… Page by page will give me a lot of pages… Will have to think about this.

Two other ways:

  1. Find an online service for surveys/MCQ, that can be embeded into your site
  2. ask a developer to dev it for you using… JS probably.

Hi for anyone interested I worked it out with triggers.
its still work in progress.
but you can have a go at the concept.