I'd like for my page to NOT allow users to side scroll


the top half of my embroidery page give the user control to scroll left to an empty field. I tried setting the sections above the “track” to an overflow of hidden but it is not working. In doing so I am also trying to avoid disturbing the horizontal scrolling on the “track”.

Can you record a loom of what’s happening I’m not sure I understand

not sure what a loom is hope this helps. As you can tell by this picture the first two section have an overlay

does this this info help?

Not really, loom is a platform on which you can record your screen and then share the URL of that video with us, You can use the mic as well so it’ll be easier to understand what you are going for

I believe that there is an overflow issue happening here, causing a horizontal scroll bar to appear. Most likely you have an element that is getting positioned beyond the right margin of your page.

Can you post a published link as well?