ID inheriting "display: none" style, not sure why

I’m building a membership website using Memberstack and there’s a user profile form that is not appearing on the published site, but it appears in the designer.

I reached out to MS, and they said the form’s ID is inheriting a CSS style of “display: none.” They said they’re not sure where that came from, and neither do I because I haven’t added that style. Does anyone know how can I remove that style? The form ID corresponds with Memberstack so I can’t change it. Putting a screenshot of the code below.

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Hey Michael! Thanks so much for helping!! I’m not sure why the form isn’t showing in code right now, but the form was actually appearing on the published IO and was working about a week ago before it stopped appearing. Not sure what happened to change that.

I tried removing the wf-form-Profile-Form ID from the forms and other tabs and it didn’t make the profile form appear. I tried removing the form’s custom attribute of data-ms-form= “profile” and that made the form appear on the staging site. The problem is that without that attribute, data from the form doesn’t get stored in Memberstack.

Not sure if that’s helpful but it seems like the custom attribute is the sticking point right now.

I’m not sure if this matters, but at one point I mistakenly changed the Memberstack script on my website and republished but have since changed it back to the correct script and republished it. Not sure if it matters, but it seems like ever since I did that unexpected hiccups have been happening, like log in/out buttons not always appearing, etc.

Hey Michael, good news! I cleaned up the code on my website that was causing the error and now the form is working like it should. Thank you so much again for your help!!!

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