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ID and Visibility setting on Symbol has no effect

I find this kind of crazy:

Symbol visibility can be controlled as a symbol from outside

As well as from inside the symbol when you’re editing.

This causes me untold confusion for a few hours this morning. Maybe grey out one or the other?

Thanks for a great product, in any case!

It looks like different elements from here.

You can see Nav_16 and Navbar. The section/container is selected in the first, and the Navbar component is selected in the second.

Hi @samliew and @joe, I am sorry for the trouble, this is, in fact a bug, where ID and visibility settings do not have an effect on Symbols.

This will get fixed, however in the meantime, apply the ID or Visibility settings on the root element of the symbol and it’s nested elements.

I am sorry for the confusion on this. A fix will come, but I do not have the exact ETA yet. I will update when I have more info.

I knew it! Thanks @cyberdave!

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