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Icons interfering with other div content

Guys just to share an experience when I publish my web some icons i have in the footer(WhatsApp, instagram etc) interfear with a collection list in the page categories , practically on the web instead of the icons I got the collection displayed in that div, soon I post the web… anyone had the same??

I tried to change name of class by nothing.
I just noticed that the icon of instagram also interfear with Elfsight instafeed embedded Html, practically in the div where I have the icon of instagram, only in the page where I have the embedded html, I have the feeds instead of the icon.
In the designer I don’t have issues is only on the web.

Would like to know why it happens.

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We’re sorry that you have an issue on your website. Have you contacted our Support Team? They might have a look at Instafeed plugin and other elements and find the right solution on how to fix it. We’ll be happy to help you!

Best regards,
Elfsight Team

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