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Icons in NavBar and Drop Down Menu Bar


Am new to webflow and was wondering how to create the following in Nav Bar

Rogie Navbar.png

The Title Rogie and Menu Icon items are all interactive.

In Navbar demos I couldn’t find a way to incorporate text and icons as in here - forgive me if I missed something.

Am planning to do the same in drop down box also.

Just wondering if there’s an easier way to go about this and how to include and display icons.

I would like to create a drop down menu bar with icons like in the example below - when the parent item is hovered/clicked upon.

Apple Bar.png

Any guidance is appreciated,

Hi @manandnz, thanks for your post. Sorry for the late reply, I noticed it was in the Design Board, which is more about talking about cool web design things.

If you need help in the future, I would recommend to put it in the Need Help category :smile:

The .png images did not make it to the post, can you try to upload those again to the post? Also could you share the read-only link to your site? That way we can make direct suggestions to your design :smile:


As a side note -

  1. How to use some vector icons from fontella etc. in our menus - I noticed there’s some i Con elements in the stock template - but dunno how to add from other sources.
  2. Is it possible to invert these icon image line style from black to white etc. ?

Thanks a bunch for your time and patience.