Icon swap on mouseover


I am trying to have a hover effect where when a user hovers over the down arrow, it will change to a different icon outlining the down arrow shape.
Sample Gif:

What would be the best way to achieve this? (FYI new to webflow)

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/gp-portfolio?preview=054e4f157072467cbf8f25882b59921d
(Link above is the read-only)

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Hello! Here is how to do it :slight_smile:

I just found it easiest to put together a quick screencast for you.

Here is the link:


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Hi Scott,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, your video explained everything perfectly.

Fixed my issue in the same length of your video :slight_smile:

Thanks Again.

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No problem! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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