Hello guys!

I really need your help with this small but annoying issue:

Yesterday I sent an email to brix templates regarding the issue stated below:

I was met with this:

I am writing to you guys, as it is a general problem with webflow. Can you please help me fix this issue? I would really, REALLY appreciate it!

Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/thomass-stellar-project-c2cad6?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=thomass-stellar-project-c2cad6&preview=91d31ae7c7715a941f7a5df398ba7916&mode=preview

Thank you so much in advance :smiley:

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Can you also post your preview url link io? like: https://preview-project.webflow.io

This way we can observe it in both Designer Read Only and Browser Instance

Please confirm, it is your intention to continuiously cycle the slider here?

Here is my preview link: https://thomass-stellar-project-c2cad6.webflow.io/

And yes, I want to get rid of the white space accruing on browser. I want the slider to reset instantly instead of showing two white spaces before resetting.

  • I don’t want the fix to cause any other problems like loading speed issues or issues on mobile, as it works totally fine on mobile :smiley:

Hope this all makes sense! Thank you so much for the quick reply.

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Please review the following and let me know if thats your intended result

(Sorry my recorder kept bugging out so I could only record a short 15 second version)

It’s looks like a good solution, yes! But does it affect the speed of my website and does it affect the other versions of my website, like the mobile version or tablet and so on? :slight_smile:

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I’ll show you full video . I need to restart my machine and close 1000 tabs lol

okay super! Thank you! :smiley:

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How are you getting on sir :smiley:

Ok sending shortly just finished a meeting

Tah Dah

Isolate the last slide containing the white space.
Determine what is missing, in this case 2 Cards.
2 Cards width is 300% card width.
Make a internal gride wrapper on the last slide.
Put card in order of loop in the 2 slots.

I am going to try and fix it now! And just to be clear: It does not affect how the slider works on mobile version and so on, and it does not affect loading speed right?

What is your paypal?

It seems it glitches slightly, can this be fixed?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6nFD3hq01M

Hi @randomhanscomb
To answer your question about loading performance, this solution does not impact loading performance in any way. Except for adding a few extra lines of code to CSS for new combo and grid class to make slider work the way you want it.

For mobile version, it will have minimal impact, perhaps set Overflow Hide and Max Width = 100% container for mobile as an option if you want to mask the other extended whitespace cards from last card transition.

I am sending you PM from this point forward.

to all other users reading this:
You can remove whitespce on your carosel to make it infinite coursel style with making “LAST SLIDE CLASS” span the width of white space, and using Grid to fill in the missing cards IN the Order you want them to appear, to make it stretch to the end to show all slides without missing whitespace

Here is resolution to left slide:
Including problem solving steps.