I want to let users create a work order. Possible?

A mobile app for on-demand car washing has hired me to create a separate site where customers can create a order for a car wash without the app. I’ve been experimenting with dynamic lists inside form blocks but cant figure out how to make this work.

I would ideally like customers to be able to select multiple items from a list of services (which would be generated dynamically based on multi-reference list tied to a specific service provider) and submit a form with their choices.

Sort of like creating a work-order.

Any Suggestions?

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Yes, possible using custom code. There is no one-size fits all solution, so the code will depend on how you set up the page/collections.

I’m not very experienced with code. Any way you could break it down a little more so i can understand how to go about doing this?

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Insert dynamic list of choices.

Insert a normal form field in the form to hold the selected items. Use an interaction to hide this field on page load.

Using JavaScript, attach an event handler on dynamic list of choices, that toggles a class “selected” on the item, then gets ALL data-attribute or text from items with class “selected”, join them with a delimiter, and insert the text into the hidden field.

Hidden field gets sent along with the form.

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If you need custom coding help you can always find me here.

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