I want to embed QR codes in emails that customers recieve when they buy a product from my store

My Read Only Link - Webflow - 245 Creative

I created a website for an event, and for table reservations, I used the store feature so each “Table” is a product. Now I need to find a way to attach custom QR codes to the emails that go out after they make an order from the website. These QR codes are what will grant them entry into the event. It should have the order ID to serve as proof they booked a certain table. How do I integrate this?
Thanks in advance for any and every help.

I just realized I shared the wrong website link.
Here is the correct one - Webflow - Obi's House

@Tobi_Efunnowo - You can’t pull this off with Webflow alone. You would need to investigate and automation integration using a tool like Make, Parabola, or Zapier for example or create a custom app that handles the workflow off Webflow.