I want to correct my search result on Google

This is my SEO setting at my Home page
截圖 2020-05-01 下午1.46.55

But, I try to search my website on Google.
That is the result
截圖 2020-05-01 下午1.47.37

The description is not my setting.

What can I do now~?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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我在猜可能你的首頁沒有內容,所以google忽略了您的meta description.

在google搜尋裡services 頁面跟about都有正確顯示meta description

我的做法是meta description裡出現的文字,是一定會出現在頁面上,這樣至少有機會能正確顯示,但也不一定。您看要不要試著在首頁上顯示meta description的內容,說不定會有改善

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