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I want to add a lightbox to collect information

I built a website for our commercial real estate team. Now my boss wants me to add a lightbox to collect our visitors’ information before they can view any of our listings (not my idea).

The idea is that a box would pop when they go to our listings page and they would have to enter in their name, email and phone number and then they would get to view our listings. I would want them to only have to enter in their information once, maybe have it only show up once per ip address.

Is there anything that could integrate well with Webflow that could do this? Thank you in advance.

You are basically looking for a free member wall. You could use something like memberstack. See the University integrations page.

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Thank you for the tip. I’ll check it out.

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Hey Andrew! Let me know if you need any help getting setup with Memberstack. :smiley:

I already set it up on the listings page and the boss approved! Once someone fills out the quick form, they get to see our listings automatically, just like I wanted. I like how when you revisit our site, it just remembers you once you fill it out. I’m not sure if it uses cookies or your MAC address, but it works. I’ll be signing up for the membership once corporate approves of our website. I’ll message you here if I have any questions in the future. I could possibly want to integrate a CRM to track and compile the leads better than them just ending up in my inbox over and over but for now I’ll just wait to get the site approved.

Thanks for reaching out. You did a great job building the product and I wish you the best of luck in building the company. I think you have a real winner on your hands.

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Thanks so much Andrew :blush:

This made my day! I’m glad it’s all coming together.