I want my Primary Button to link to different pages

Hi! I am using a primary button throughout my website. Each time I use it, I have a different CTA depending on what I am promoting, e.g. at the top of my website, the CTA is ‘Contact me’, middle is ‘See all work’, then ‘My services’, etc. I would like each button to click through to the relevant page (i.e. ‘Contact Me’ → Contact page; ‘My Services’ → Services page etc), but at the moment all the buttons are linked to each other, so when I change one, it changes all of them. How do I unlink them please?! Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi Ariane,

The point of components is their ability to reuse elements, structure, and content. This is a very simple component, but you can still do it with something as simple as a button.

In this case you already have text and link properties created, which is what you set at the instance level to override specific properties of a specific instance, like “My Services” and your → Services page link.

Thank you so much @memetican. I would like all the buttons to look / animate in the same way, but I would like to be able to change their text and which pages they link to. Any idea how I do this?

Hi Ariane,

Classes control styling, and aren’t impacted by components. Style the button classes the way you want, and set your interactions to target / trigger from those classes.

The function of the component is to make properties like the content and URL for your button easier to manage.

They’ll work well together.

Thanks so much @memetican, much appreciated!