I want my header to load first

My website has a slideshow at the top and sometimes the headers on other pages take a while to load because of all my listings and closings. I was wondering if I could set my website to have my header load first, rather than last.

I tried to downscale my photos enough to where they load fast but aren’t blurry. They shouldn’t be a problem to load but too bad they seem to load last.

My website link is: http://www.gpmultifamily.com

Thank you in advance.

One methof you can use is the custom attribute of loading=“eager” to affect the resource loading behavior of an element on Chrome browser version > 76.

I just added that in but am not sure what it does. I will run speed tests to see the before and after for the pages I add the attribute to. Thank you.

Here is a resource for you as a reference.

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Thank you for that. I will implement this and see how it goes.

I am not sure how to implement it correctly. It doesn’t seem to be working. Here is how I tried to implement it. All the items in the section are from the CMS.


You need to add the data name / value to the image in the collection, not a wrapping div.

Thank you for the tip, I’ll try that.