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I want a hidden project collection, no to load!

Hi guys,

I build a project page, and show “kitchens” and 5 other styles with a collection.
If the page is a kitchen, then only the kichens will be showed, and other collections are inviseble.

But i see the images are still loaded? so the the page is now 12 MB big…

How can i swith off this?

Designer link:

Hi Koen, can you give me a link to a published page along with a filename of an image that’s in a collection list that isn’t displayed, but that shows up as loaded in the console?


Hi Vincent, its al in the page:
/maatwerk/keukens will show the collection: keukens
the images from the collections badkamers, kasten, meubels, vloeren) collections are loading also.

I have a collection filter on it with conditions: Show when “Name” is the same as: “Name”.
The other collections are invisible, but are loading…

Maybe there is a way to add only One collections who show up when your on that page?

hmmm… i think i found the solution… i had 5 collections… with: If name is current collection article name.
I did that, because i used different photo’s from the collections…

Oh… so it’s ok now?