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I want 3 or 4 of the newest blogpost showing up on the “home” page. But how to do that?

Hi Webflowers :grinning:
I have made some collection with several posts on different pages (up to 20 posts). And now I want 3 or 4 of these newest post showing up on the “home” page. But how do I do that? Is there any video tutorial on the web where I can learn to do this - so that I only get 3 or 4 of these newest post is showing up in “home” ?
And one ting more (I am new in Webflow, - this is first time I am doing Collection), - - can I categorize the posts inside the Collection Template? I have made a Collection with Travels - and thought if they was in Trip 1, - that they can see below: trip 2, trip 3, trip 4, trip 5 etc. Can I do that? Because people are so lazy they don’t want to go back to the main menu to look through the trips , - so therefore it is much easier when they are showing the others trips below at the buttom ( - or maybe to the right) and that they can click directly on some of those trips? (people don’t want to click so much so I think this would help a lot ?)
(sorry for my english)
Thank you so much for answering me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @neanea6060

Here is the video tutorial for this part

don’t forget about this either

The first link helps you to solve this part as well

Don’t forget that there are tons of video tutorials in the Webflow University, very interesting content in the Webflow Blog, latest updates, live workshops and even a wish list if you can find a feature you think is needed.

Hope this helps.


Thank you!
Yes, it is therefore it is to difficult, as there are tons of videos out there. I have tried to search, - but didn’t find exactly what I needed :confused:
So therefore I written to the forum.
I will look through the videos you have provided for me!
Thanks a lot :grin:

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Hi again! :blush:

Just another question?
I can see that I have not "Pagination " in my Collection pages??
I have only this:

  1. Inner Text Settings
  2. Dynamic Style Settings
  3. Conditional Visibility
  4. Custom Attributres
  5. Search Index settings
    So why don’t I have this “Pagination”?
    I was jus watching this video regarding “Pagination” :

Thank you so much for answering me :blush: