I wanna create the list of the vacancies and filter them by countries

I need your help!
I have to create the website for my client. Its gonna be recruiting agency.
It should contain the vacancies from people from different countries.
I wanna create the list of the vacancies and filter them by countries.
Also i wanna to create website that can check location of visitors and propose the vacancies for their country only?

Based on what you’ve described, you can use;

  • Webflow’s CMS to store your vacancies and countries lists and relationship
  • Finsweet’s CMS Filter to filter your list to a selected country
  • Finsweet’s CMS Load more to solve the 100-item limit problem
  • IPinfo or a similar service to detect the visitor’s country and default the filter setting

You’ll need to work out your UX strategy so that the list defaults, but does not “lock in” the user so that they are unable to see vacancies in other countries.

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The client want cheap no code, but also a full custom app with backend functionnality. Be really carefull, because you can achive something like that at a small scale, but it will be complicated.

Exemple : To find the location you need to use API call and at least you will need a headless backend on top of Webflow to do that.