I-section not showing


I have the Section filled in my project collection but only some of the content is showing on the page. I can’t see why the rest isn’t showing when I preview or publish

I’m not sure if this is what you mean but I can see a blank spot for an image on this Project. It shows that you have content in your collection that’s currently not accounted for.

Hi Thanks,

It seems to be doing this on most of my projects, that one was an attempt to fix it. On the “L’Occitane” project there is a better example where the Video Content 2 isn’t showing up on the page

I see. Something strange happening on this element. When I remove the two classes you’ve assigned to this section, the default setting has it set to display=none. See attached screen grab.
I was able to duplicate the working I-section you have above and then drag the missing video content (c-ctn) into it and I’m able see the video.

Thanks! Thats helped a lot!