I receive 5 test emails every month

Every month I receive 5 emails in a row from my own email address as if I had filled out the contact form on my website. I don’t remember having configured any test sending, but it seems that it is configured and I can’t find how to disable it.

Does anyone know where this configuration is housed to be able to eliminate this recurrent sending?

It’s not a Webflow platform feature, so it’s not something you could disable in Webflow.
I’d guess you must have a monitoring service running somewhere.

If you don’t remember setting it up, is there an original developer, or a marketing agency you worked with who might have?

One thing you could try is to make a form change that the current test data the script is using would fail - e.g. add a new required field or checkbox to the form, and default it to blank or unchecked.

That should block it and if it’s aware the submit failed, you might actually get an email directly from the service that will help you trace the origin of the test.