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I rebuild an old site, and can't update all blogposts?

I’m about to rebuild an old Muse site over to WF. I have to update everything before I make the site live. And for the moment, I need to get all the blog posts from the old site (about 20 posts) over to the new one. I have now made 11 blog posts and now I get this message?
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 12.03.15 AM
I am a pro member and pay $ 35 per month. So I understand nothing ?? I have to finish these 9 blogs before the page goes live!

You are hitting the site limit on a free plan. The only way around this is to upgrade the site to a paid CMS hosting plan. You don’t need to bind the DNS settings until you are completed working on the site.

OK? my client wants everything over to the new, before paying ?

Work it out with your client. That is the option.