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I really want to use webflow, but

Hello folks!
I really need some advice. I currently have my website on shopify (, but I’m not a fan of it. The lack of control bugs me, the fact that anything I want to do to go beyond an extremely rudimentary ecommerce site requires me to purchase apps that add functionality, but rarely the flexibility required and ultimately wind up adding over $100 to my monthly bill.
Webflow’s ecommerce is… basic. But during their world tour, they’ve vaguely announced things my website needs - subscription billing and member services, but there’s zero indication as to when this comes out - it could be a year for all I know, and then the discount system they have is rubbish - no quantity breaks, no rules-based discounts, only codes.

I’ve looked into foxy - it does what I want in terms of discounts and subscriptions, but you need to then connect it with Order Desk to actually manage your orders which adds a fee of 25c per order(!). Snipcart looks fantastic but fiddly.

Any advice? Any indication when webflow’s discounts will become useful or when they’ll launch member services and subscriptions?

I could potentially use memberstack for member services and subscription billing, but I can’t find any solution for discounts. I need to be able to offer wholesale discounts, member discounts, and quantity-based discounts.

I know this post is a bit rambly, but trying to figure out how I can use webflow is driving me a little crazy.

I use PlugnPaid as a shopping cart with webflow bc it gives me the specific EU-based features I was looking for (VAT, EU payment systems etc). You could look into using Stripe on its own with webflow but that requires a set-up similar to Snipcart and Foxy. @foxy is on the forum and they do help people with their setups.
There’s a whole host of shopping carts available, all of them should work with webflow. As long as they provide you with an embeddable HTML code.
I’ve also used e-junkie in the past, this is their help article on discounts Would this be an option for you?


Hi @Alexander_MacIntyre.
Josh from Foxy here. To confirm, Order Desk is not required. You can search, filter, and export orders from the Foxy dashboard. Also, we have our Zapier integration that will allow you to easily send customer/order info to other services like Airtable and Google Sheets, allowing for a fully custom order management tool.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.


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@Alexander_MacIntyre - I’m a huge Webflow fan and supporter :webflow_heart:…but have also worked a lot in Shopify. What functionality are you struggling with implementing? In my experience the platform is actually pretty flexible outside of the checkout flow.