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I need to understand how to sell a webflow solution to a client

Hey guys!
Still new to webflow, I have quite a good idea of how things works inside of the designer mode.
However, I still need to figure out more o how things works regarding clients.

I have a client that wants a simple website. Her domain is curretly hosted with
The only thing she needs is to be able to update her page easily from time to time. Copy changes only.
I want her to have her website hosted with webflow, but she already have a wordpress theme installed.

I need more information to be able to sell her this solution of having it all with Webflow…

How much will this cost for my client?
does she need to be paying double invoices, domain with and hosting with webflow?
Do you guys provide email services?

Webflow vs Wordpress - value points?

It’s not very clear to me, I’m just a simple designer, I make stuff look good and i’m trying to learn how this works. Thanks in advance. // Leo

Not a Webflow expert, but I can answer some questions.

  1. How much Webflow hosting will cost for your client can be found here - Webflow Pricing

  2. Regarding her hosting, if she is going with the Webflow solution, she won’t be using her web hosting, so if she can, she should cancel that hosting plan.

  3. Webflow doesn’t offer email services, you can find out what Webflow has to say about this.

Thank you Shwn!
So if she cancels her plan in will she be able to keep her domain? and how will that be integrated in webflow? I have read the pricing info, but i’m still quite lost to be honest :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure what plan she has there, nor if her domain is tied to the hosting plan, so I can’t help you with that. As for how her domain would be used with Webflow, the Webflow University has an article about this.

Hopefully someone more knowledgable can help you with the right pricing plan. Goodluck!