I need to show next 2 blogs rather than to add previous and next button in webflow CMS, how can I do this?

Hello Everyone,

Right Now I used Finsweet CMS Previous/Next Attributes but, I want to show next 2 blogs on blog detail page. If someone click on blog hyperlink and his/her go to blog detail page. On blog detail page bottom I want to show to next 2 blogs rather than show previous or next blog. I attached image as an example what I want actually

How To Do That? Please guide me on this issue

Welcome to the forum Faisal!

What would you define as the next 2 blogs? Would they be sorted by ascending/descending publish date for example?

Thanks RoryVB for replying me

I mean to show coming next 2 articles shown after current article, not show ascending/descending order.

Alright, what would you see as the next articles? On what order would they be based on?

that’s don’t know but I attached link here

Right now its showing next previous articles using Finsweet CMS Next/Previous