I need to Integrate Autotrader and Facebook marketplace


I need urgent help regarding Webflow integration.

My client has a Car dealer website on Webflow. They also have account on Autotrader where they have inventory of cars. They also post their car deals on Facebook marketplace.

The problem they are facing is that they are tired of posting same inventory on multiple platforms such as Webflow, Autotrader and Facebook marketplace.

They want to automatically post on each of these platforms. For example, if they post on Webflow, it should automatically post on Autotrader as well as Facebook marketplace.

Is there anyway I can achieve this thing? I did not find any useful content on this topic. If anybody has something to say, let me know.


It will depend a lot on the specifics of your data structures and workflow,
but the basic approach many companies use is to pick a “single source of truth” for the official list, and then use webhooks and automations to publish that outwards.

The SSoT could be the Webflow CMS, but in many cases customers find it easier to use something else, e.g. post to FB marketplace, or an auction site, etc and have the automations update the website from there.

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This can be achieved with a fullstack web app using Webflow, Wized and Xano. The xano backend will be the single source of truth that stores the car records. Autotrader and Facebook should have relevant api for posting and editing which can be integrated.

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Were you able to do it?

No, It was a compelx thing involves a lot of steps that I was not able to do.