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I need to get rid of image overlay

My project is using a template, it seems to be on all the buttons and images that have click-through links have an 0.8 opacity that needs to be 1.0 at all times.
Effectively, I want to image to appear on the page without the overlay so that they do not have to hover over to image, to see it without the overlay.

I want all the pictures to look like the image on the right the mouse is touching. I’ve checked for interactions, no “state” nothing I can find will take that overlay off the images and I can’t think of where I should look.

Hi @Nett

Welcome to the Webflow Community Forum and thank you so much for posting about this issue you’re having with images in the template.

I checked the preview link you sent over and compared to the attached image, seems you were able to remove the overlay?!

Please, let me know if the issue is indeed resolved or are you still experiencing it on other pages and elements and I’ll be happy to investigate further.

My best,
Anna K

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I think I was able to get it, there was an interaction I was finally able to find it. I must have made a mistake because my link should have had the overlay until you hover the image to make it disappear. I will repost here if I run into problems.

Thank you again!


I’m glad you were able to find the issue and resolve it yourself.

Note that a preview link will always show me the latest version of your project. So, even if you send me the link when the issue was occurring, if you make any changes, I’ll see the updated version of your site. But no worries, it still is super helpful and you can always post here and we’ll do our best to help.

You’re most welcome, Natt! Happy designing!