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I need to delete a multi-reference field

I need to delete a multi-reference field in my blog posts CMS but i keep getting the message:

“This field is currently used by either a Collection List on the site or inside a Collection Page. To delete this field, you’ll need to remove any references to it first.”

I have removed all references to this (I think) but still struggling to delete it.

Can anyone help?

Thanks! :smiley:

Here is my public share link:

Hey @Mason_Cook,

It is probably because you didn’t delete all the references…
I would try a reverse engineering process - search in the published site the class name or the element that get this field reference.

Thanks @avivtech.

I have tried this and it produces no results :confused:

Which field is it? I can try to look for the reference also :slight_smile:

Yes, The collection is ‘Blog Posts’ and I am trying to remove the ‘Bundle’ multi-reference field.

This is the site:

Thanks for looking

Since the PHR is an empty collection, maybe try deleting it first?

Thanks for helping! Good work around! Cheers man

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