I need the data from the cms collection to be entered into the inputs in the form and to have a choice of which mail to send this data to

Hello all webflowers!) I have a task, I need to make a dashboard, which will be entered into a form from a cms collection and I need to have several buttons to send this data to different emails and separately to the hubspot. I thought that this can be done somehow before zepir, if there is already a solution to this problem on the form, then please help me throw a link or tell me how to implement it. Thank you very much!

If the form is inside of the CMS collection list or on a collection page, you can create a custom attribute x-value on your input fields, and data-bind the value of that attribute to the CMS field you want.

Then use SA5’s dynamic attributes, it will convert that to value= on page load, and your fields will be initialized.

For the email address you want to send to, you can do something similar, but perhaps put it in a hidden field.

To actually send the email to that email address, yes you’ll need automation through Zapier or Make .com or n8n,