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I need some help with the new grid

I’m working on my first project. I have made a new website in webflow and I just added the new grid element.

when i see it live in webflow designer it’s looking great but when i export it to my VPS server is’t al wrong.

my werkflow site

on my one VPS server

What is wrong? Can you elaborate more so I can try to help you?

I have fixed it but I don’t no how. On the bottem i have 2 buttons en text on the right. In webflow it’s was showing the way i had made it. But on the live site the buttons where on differente places. Very bigger than that i had made them and the text on the right was also in the middle of it and what seems in one grid and not on two grids what i had done.

I had done many thinks to made it better but nothing had work. I put some text in the grid next to the buttons that didnt work. I deleted that and put it on the live version so everyone could see it and went away. I tested it just now and i don’t believe it but it’s looking just like one webflow preview???

Now i’m working on the next problem on a other page of the site.

I have done another upload and I didn’t change anything one the first site footer and it’s a mess. I almost want to give up!
I think the problem with this is a made it a symbol. That’s the only explanation i can think of.