I need some help with broken dynamic embed

Hello there, I am having some trouble figuring out this issue with one of my sites.

Here is the preview link: Preview Link

The issues are located on under the Media Tabs (On both Customer Gallery & Videos)
https://www.ciro3d.com/photos/carbon-tip (When clicking on a category and selecting a photo it does not enlarge as it used too)
https://www.ciro3d.com/videos (When a video thumbnail is clicked it does not play as it used to)

I assume this is an issue with some of the dynamic embed code?

Also, the pictures on an actual product page don’t enlarge or open a lightbox as they used too.

Any thoughts or fixes on this?

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt we just pushed an update to turn conditional JS publishing on and it looks like you’re using the Dynamic Lightbox Hack.

All you need to do is add in an actual Lightbox element to a page on your site somewhere and then re-publish it so that the lightbox js is pulled into the file. You can set the lightbox element to display: none as well.

This way we know to pull in that js reference for lightboxes as they are not detected in your custom code embeds.

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WOW. I forgot about that update. SO simple. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  • Scott
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