I need Margin and Sizing Help

Hi guys, I’m having trouble creating this landing page. I can’t seem to get the margins and padding correct. Although it looks good on mid-size points, I know it’s built wrong, and I’m wondering how I can fix it. On things like 1920, certain elements don’t fit in the page. Recently I’ve been using % as size for elements, as I find it a simple approach to responsiveness. But, obviously something isn’t going right. Go ahead and dig in and don’t hold back, I’m new to all of this and would love some insight as to how to make this the right way. Thanks. P.S. If the read only link won’t let you use the form, the original link is here:

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - UpShift Detailing)
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Hi @elliotm510,
you have built a slider inside a form, technically it is not an effective way to build. you may choose to build “slider” and insert ‘form’ inside the “slide” wherever required.
Additionally, have a look at webflow101 crash course from webflow university of not done yet.
feel free to add to your question furthur
Saicharan Varikuti