I need help webflow credit card form not sure New to webflow

Hi everyone i cloned this project tp add to my site.

for some reason when i edit the settings and try to get to work, the submit button dosent resond.

is there anything i need tio do. i am trying to have customers enter there payment info in there so i can capture there informtaion in an email.

thx for your help

This is something that you should absolutely not be doing. Email is not secure and storing CC info in form submissions is against PCI/DSS standards. Your client or you could end up losing your relationship with your card processor.

Hey Jeff,

Can you elaborate on how doing this would violate terms?

Say, I use Webflow to capture payment/customer details for snow removal clients on my site. Then they are charged after we provide the service using a button in an employee portal that triggers a charge on the Stripe API.

As long as there is a “card authorization terms” in your TOS — Webflow forms and data storage are secure, as are API calls, so I’m curious what your justification is. How is this different then filling out info on a paper auth form?

Obviously, this isn’t the best way to store data, but it works great as a placeholder if you use a connector like Zapier rather than hard coding in requests. Emails are turned off as well.

@rileybarabash221 - I think it is safe to say that the storage of credit cards in Webflow forms data or that info being transported via email would be a PCI/DSS violation. You should reach out directly to Webflow for further clarification.