I Need help to make 100+ modals


I was wondering whether i could make 100+ custom modals in webflow. I am a complete noob at code so if someone could give me step by step instructions that would be great.

Many Thanks,

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100 is a lot of modals.

Here’s a tutorial.

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Just wondering… Why do you need so many?

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How @Ahmadz839 must be feeling right now.


Curious about “why” you need 100 modals, too.

Responsive version of this cool device.

Thank you for the quick response Revolution and great job on the art work Waldo loved it.

For the people wondering why i need so many modals im making a products page when you click an image it opens it up the modal so people can view more information about the product and buy it there are about 150+ products so thats why i need so many.

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Darn… I thought sure it was the responsive flip device thing !

Oh boy. oh boy. oh boy… That’s a lot of modals.

I’m sure you know what you are doing.

but Personally… I would create one (1) modal window and

  • use ajax to load specific text / images into the modal window.

It makes down the road changes / updates a quite bit easier as well.

Especially if you put the text / images into a database or an xml file.

This solution will save you a lot of memory / load time / bandwidth / time / effort / energy / frustration / smashed computer monitors / hair / [insert one of the many 100’s of other non-listed but valid reasons here].

Serious. I am. Really. Trust me. Been there. Done that. Don’t do it. Please. :smile:



The responsive flip device would have been cool :smiley:

Well i agree with you about the frustration about maintaing them and ofcourse loadtime but im not really that code savvy so i dont know ajax and xml i know html css and some js so if you could link me something that could guide me on how to make the ajax thing that would be great :slight_smile: meanwhile i try to google myself many thanks for the input.

maybe you should give it a try…

this is what xml looks like

basically a flat-file data dictionary

<title>Tell Me About Snoopy</title>
<author>Snoopy the Dog</author>

<title>Who Are You Charlie Brown</title>
<author>Charlie Brown</author>

Was the xml layout understandable.

Hi @Revolution

Sorry for bothering you after a long time i did understand the xml layout looked up ajax i know the basics but i have no clue on where to start if you can just give me a head start that would be greatly appreciated :smile:

like i said above i am not really that good at coding :frowning:


are you intending to host with webflow ?
if so… your options are a little limited.

if you have a server… you can do more.

for ajax… you will need to use jquery (custom code0

create an array in jquery that holds the url’s of each of image.

then use ajax the require image.

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Hey @Revolution

Thank you so much for your prompt reply i am currently Hosting with Webflow currently but i don’t mind changing who would you recommend?

If i host with Webflow would i need to host files on Dropbox to hold the custom jquery and ajax or is it possible to do in the custom code section i am familiar with jquery so making arrays should not be hard :smile:


What do you think if we used WF all new CMS for this? Would be a lot easier right?

We host our clients on our own dedicated servers… so I cannot recommend a host. Though some see it as ok… I don’t think It’s appropriate to recommend yourself on someone else’s service.

See below

You are probably right about that. When @Ahmadz839 originally asked the question… cms wasn’t an option. Currently, I don’t use the cms feature.

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@Revolution Yeah i get it its not right to recommend :smiley: but just wanted thoughts no issues i will try and find some

@DesignerDiana i dont use cms either so i have no clue although i will see if it is possible with cms :smile:


To be honest I haven’t used it yet either haha :blush: . it is still very new, but take a look at their CMS tutorial … it’ll show you how to use it and see what I mean with the possibility of what you want … very neat.

Although something to keep in mind is that currently export is not available for the CMS dynamic contents, therefore for the best … host with Webflow if you’re going to use CMS … otherwise like @Revolution suggested, use ajax.

I hope the @webflow team would be able to implement the CMS export asap! Albeit, I’m sure they’re working hard! :smile:

Cheers. :smiley:

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Yeah its very new i am currently watching the tutorials on cms i prefer hosting with webflow cause i dont have to go here and there plus its has cdn. :smile:

I cant wait for the cms export either.


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Well, here is an example of site with Webflow CMS: http://saevskaya.webflow.io/gallery-eng

There is 3 albums now with about 30-40 images in every album. Every image is opening in custom modal window. And it wasn’t really hard to create them :slight_smile: Basically I created it once and then just added dynamic content in it. So yes, with CMS more than 100 modal is easy :wink:

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