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I need help setting up GDPR banner with Cookiebot

Hi Webflow Community,

Could someone please help me with setting up my GDPR banner with Cookiebot? I’m not very experienced with code so if someone could walk me through where exactly to upload the two scripts I would be eternally grateful. What I have done so far is uploaded the first script into the Custom Code section in my project settings (into the head tag) and I have created a new page for the cookies declaration with the second script in a HTML embed element on that page. It seems that the cookies script is still not uploading as the very first script apparently… could someone tell me why and where i need to upload the two scripts so it’s all set up correctly?

Thank you so much in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Luibh Skincare

Did you find a solution, Sonia? I need to help for the same issue :frowning: