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I need help - one of my products is all of a sudden not showing up in CMS carousel

Hi I need help please. I have a carousel which I have all the products displayed and connected to my collection. Everything has been working perfectly until all of a sudden one of the products is gone only in the carousel (its showing up everywhere else). I have no idea what has happened or how to resolve this. You can click through the carousel and then the second last product is gone and it say s “Item not found”.

READ-ONLY: Webflow - Luibh Skincare

Any ideas or help would be hugely appreciated.


Great question @soniamichalina thank you so much for posting this!

I took a look at the collection list inside of that slider and I noticed that there’s a filter set with a specific name for your product:
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Updating that name to equal your product name Body Moisturiser + Aftersun should ensure that the product shows back up in that collection item within your carousel.

Please let me know if this solves the problem.
If not, I’m happy to help you further!

Hi Waldo,

Oh my gosh of course! This happened because I changed the product name and so the filter didn’t work anymore. Thank you so so much! I was so worried that something was broken.

I really appreciate the help :slight_smile:


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