I need help on so many items, where to start

First, I accidentally deleted my hamburger and was unable to get any help in recreating it directly so I had to recreate my entire menu bar. This solved the hamburger problem but now my menu is only correct on the home page, all others are wrong color, position, etc. The tutorial indicated that creating a nav bar would automatically propagate across the site, right? What am I doing wrong?

Second, the topmost portion of the home page was originally built on a slide module, which we no longer need. I have deleted the arrows and other slides and they don’t show up in design mode but they do on the live site. How do I get rid of this? How do I copy the formatting, styles and effects over to something that is not a slide?

Third, I can’t figure out how to replicate the formatting I have in place for some specific word links. I want some words to be links throughout the site but I don’t want them to be the default blue ‘link’ color, I want them to be identical to the surrounding text but with an underscore and hover action. (See “holistic” in the black section near top of home page.) I thought this was as simple as giving this item a Class, then applying the class to other links but I can’t get it to work. (see “Santé” in the same section.)

Last, I can’t get my goto “Top” buttons to work. It either does nothing (on IE) or gives an error about no Top section.

I have watch tutorial after tutorial but in all honesty I’m finding them pretty useless for my issues. I really need these last few issues resolved so that I can go live with the site. Any help really appreciated!

Forgot to add the link to the site:

Hi @ly3j

Maybe too late to suggest, but you probably could have created a new navbar and just copied out the hamburger icon.

As far as propagating changes across the site. You can turn your finished navbar into a symbol and then drop it into each page in the location you want. You can then delete the older navbars that are out of date. This will now sync any changes to that navbar symbol across pages. You can learn more about symbols here. http://tutorials.webflow.com/intro-series/symbols

On the Slider, I don’t see the arrows you were referring to even though I viewed the live site ( http://flytesting.webflow.io/ ). Did you figure out how to remove these?

For inline links on text, I can see that you have a “Terms_links” class for the link applied to the text “holistic”. If you select the link you can then edit the text style for that Terms_links class. For Hover effects you can select “States” dropdown to the right above the class name field and select “Hover”, edit the type style the way you want and then test.

For the “Top” button, you need to assign an ID name for the section at the top of the page.

  1. select the top “banner” section and then click on the Settings tab (second tab with the gear icon) and assign an ID name to it.
  2. Then double click the link element in the Top button and select the section name you just assign to the top “banner” from the “Choose a page section” drop down menu.

Hope some of this helps.


Hi @ly3j, Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

(1) You can use the undo function when making small errors (http://help.webflow.com/general/designer-user-interface#undo-redo-and-save)
(2) You can access your site’s previously saved versions from the Backups tab in your Site Settings
(3) You can use Symbols to make your navigation work across all sites. http://symbols.webflow.com and http://help.webflow.com/features/symbols
(4) You can reuse classes on any elements, but may need to check for inheritied styles. Try clearing unused styles to keep your classes clean and organized

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

PS: Also, these resources may be helpful:


“Hope some of this helps.” - It all helped tremendously! Sorry for the delayed response but your help got me moving along nicely and I was committed to getting the site out live on Sunday evening. So it’s out for the world to see, not perfect but a good start.

Thanks again!

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