I need help on a design

Hello happy day. Our team has a question about how to make a design when displaying a collection on one of our pages. Currently we had done it with grid to give that organization to each item of the collection but the reference design we need is from the london page. Attached is a video of how we have it and how we want it. We need your help please. I look forward to your answer. Thanks

I attach an explanatory video and the link to the page where the design is.

Explication: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Reference page: Masters Degrees | London Business School

only reed proyect webflow: Webflow - CDEI's Site

Hello, good morning. I did the same 3 steps that you indicate in the images, it works but I don’t know why the last item in the list is in the next column. I attach a video showing the process I did and an image of how it looks like.
I look forward to your help please thank you.

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