I need help hosting a site

I looked up an article made by Webflow learning how to host sites for clients and I cant seem to find a way to bill the client instead of me. It says go to account settings and start a client billing.

That feature doesn’t exists anymore

thank you so much! I couldn’t find anything in the settings. I don’t know why they still have those articles and youtube videos up. I know they are busy but they will be removing those soon. it confuses people like me thinking its still up

wait so how do I host now? I use google or what ever hosting domain I want? and charge them under my preferred method. short form answer would help alot

Or you transfer the site to their webflow account and they pay for the hosting, or you pay upfront and charge them. Webflow is not a domain registrant, you pay for the hosting, the domain is totally another thing and you have to buy it where you want it

thanks! i will just charge them.