I need a help to create a click effect like this

Hello Webflow, how are you?

I need create a click effect like this:

when you click open a scroll menu

I need this drop-down menu that appears, charge any object that is below it.
I tried to use the example: http://interactions.webflow.com/click-to-show-content-video

But I can not let the content below rolling, need it to be.

Hi @Marcos_Custodio, From what it looks like, you should be able to achieve this with a Dropdown widget. Also, it helps to include your read-only link - can you please update your post with it?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Thank you I could do what he wanted.
Now I want to make a cool effect with the click, how can I do this?

Hi @Marcos_Custodio, can you create a new thread with more specifics to your question? Please include screenshots, examples of the effect you want, and any other info that will help us help you faster :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Design the menu link and an ‘active’ state of it as well (I’d add a nested class of active). Then I would create a div to hold the sliding menu and style it properly. Then simple creation of interaction could do the trick. Also as @thewonglv said you could try with dropdown menu as it will work great without having to style active state as well as no code would be required.

Go for dropdown and tell us the results, or hire someone to do that for you if you’ll encounter any troubles doing so. Maybe someone on forum will help you as well? :)

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