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I need a freelancer to integrate a Webflow site with Facebook

Hello guys.

My name is Ricardo and I need a freelance designer/developer (actually anyone that can solve this specific client issue).

I’ve made a CMS website on webflow and my client is asking me to develop a facebook integration. Which means every time he posts anything from any collection (a link, a image, a video) it automatically posts it on his facebook account. I need some price quotations to show my client and he will analyse if it is worth it, so I am waiting for proposals. My criteria will be someone that can securely solve this issue for a fair price. If third party applications are needed (Zapier, IFTT…) the costs should be specified. In case everything works there is a chance of hiring the freelancer for monthly maintenance fee.

Here is the Website

Contacts can be done here or by email

Thank you very much.


your task is really simple.
if you can handle webflow, you really don’t need a freelancer with this.

Just activate a RSS feed for your collection you want to get autoposted.

after that you can make a simple zap on zapier. Choose “RSS to Facebook Fanpage”. In the Zap Configuration you can map all Fields the way you like.