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I must remove ugly grey play button on BG Video

How to remove ugly grey play button from showing up on my taps on tablet on video background element?

I have e following:

  1. Webflow Project with 4 pages with Background Video
  2. Android Tablet with Kiosk App

I have performed the following steps?

  1. Built the app in Webflow. Works 100% as intended natively
  2. Export all assets, an customize some code and swap out -transcode video assets.
  3. Download into Kiosk App, and it plays and responds as intended.
  4. When tapping the (return) button, the video returns to home screen. When tapping on a product on the home screen it plays a video on one of the the BG video pages.


  1. Every time the user clicks away from a BG video, an ugly ‘Grey Play’ button displays on the screen before the new page loads. Sometimes this ugly grey play button displays for 2 seconds, but usually about 500ms.


  1. I made hard BG color element changes ‘black / white / etc.’. No effect, this only obscures the BG video view port, the ugly grey play button still displays when tapping on a new page.
  2. I tried custom interactions on the ‘Frame’ section z-pane 99’. This works as intended, kind of. It is really ugly when the screen instantly turns WHITE instead of fades, but the ugly grey play button still displays.
  3. Loaded up all assets on each page in the app, none of them show me any grey play button for me to source.
  4. I opened support tickets with teh Kiosk developer and they said its a webflow or html issue, and they do not support that.

Workarounds, I’m using the instant white screen in the interm to remove the ugly play button, but this is not desireable.


  1. I must figure out how to remove the ugly play button= when users tap on other pages.

I think this might help:

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Hi PixelGeek,

Thanks for Sharing. My BG videos work and play audio as intended. However I am unable to determine where in the .js how to disable the ungly grey play button from displaying when tapping away from the BG video.

Thank You

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