I must manually sort my Animations List

I have 100+ ineractions animations on a project, labeled aptly:
Timed Animations:
1.0 - Label
1.0A - Label
1.0B - Label
1.1 - Label
1.1A - Label
2.0 - Label
2.0A - Label
2.1 - Label
2.2 - Label
2.3 - Label
2.3A - Label
2.3B - Label
2.3C - Label
3.0 - Label
3.1 - Label

9.0 - Label

now here’s the kicker -
The Interaction Animation lebels are all out of ORDER. I Currently ‘Find Command’ and type in #.# to highlight the animation(s) containing #.#

This is causing me too many pebcak errors as I would edit dozens of animations at a time and one mistake in the middle messes the whole thing up and it takes a while for me to redo or reload the clone page again and start from scratch or clicking on each page trigger (dozens) to find the culprit. Its causing extra look/back time.

To allieviate this, I must Sort my Ineraction Animations, but I cants see where.

How do I sort my ineraction Animations?

I just need to sort it according to groups of


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I know bud, me too… this is something they are working on… but just not yet in the pipeline. Others have mentioned it as well. I couldn’t get mine to sort properly. And when you delete one below the first in sequence and add a new one, it drops to the bottom. You must duplicate for them to stay in order.

Just make sure you duplicate properly to maintain the sequence. And let’s wait until this feature is added. :blush: