I’m losing clients due to no date of Webflow e-commerce release!

Hi team at Webflow,

I am really enjoying using Webflow and any clients I get I am trying to migrate their websites mainly from WordPress, however I am losing e-commerce clients, as I simply cannot tell them when your platform will be able to support this sort of functionality.
If I could have a beta release of the software that would be amazing and solve the issue somewhat, or I can tell my clients we will build the sites over 2 releases, the main marketing pages over the 1st and the e-commerce’s pages over the 2nd, but having no release date makes this a very hard sale!
Hopefully the community can all get a solid idea of this release soon as this wait has become frustrating and effecting my busIness and I would imagine many others.
Best and patience,

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Hi @kohru.
Josh from Foxy here. While our integration is not native to Webflow, it’s about as seamless as you can get. We’ve helped hundreds of Webflow users just like yourself setup ecommerce websites for their clients. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.



Stop losing clients. You cant depend on WF to be an eCommerce solution. Retain your ecommerce clients with your Shopify or Woo Commerce templates interm.

You can Shopify into Webflow cms with one csv upload.

You can Webflow to Wordpress > Woo Commerce with WP adaptor (Webflow > Wordpress Theme) https://www.udesly.com/udesly-adapter/

You can also Foxy.io ecommerce into your webflow project, they are a good company, they timely response to technical integration questions.