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I love webflow, but I need Bubble's event + api plugins to connect to AWS APIs, what are my options?

I’ve done some work in bubble and then tried webflow and I almost fell off my chair. The difference is huge when it comes to designing the app/site, however in webflow I don’t see any option to integrate external APIs (except Zapier and it seems to me the return path for the data is kinda cumbersome).

Am I missing anything? is there really no way to get some of the app-like triggers/api/plugin that bubble has in webflow? Even if I wrote custom js code it seems there’s still no solution to the problem of exposing API keys.

I want to connect to AWS APIs for text analysis.

any clever solution?


replying to myself in case it can be helpful to others, I found a post which suggests splitting a frontend and backend between webflow and bubble and looks like somebody built a product for it (cloudcanal) but it’s unfortunately offline at the moment.

Normally one would create an ajax proxy that sat between code on your webflow site and the endpoint for the purpose of appending your authentication credentials. Of course this would need to be hosted. A common pattern is using node and express for the proxy. There are examples on the net but this is a code solution.

thanks @webdev . that makes sense, however I don’t see how it prevents abuse. If I have an endpoint on a backend, even with the keys secured, if I can call that from the frontend I can still copy that url from the code and use it in my own apps, no? And since I’m looking to make this work client side, I can’t filter by ip or domain in any way. So it seems I’d need another step to, say, create a user account so that access to the api would be gated on user/pwd and could control access/abuse through that.