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I imported Tim Rick's latest cloneable but it's not working for me

I imported the drawing canvas into my WF project, but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason. Nothing happens when I click on the canvas or the controls. It could be bc of something else going on my site.

Tim’s cloneable: press-and-hold-to-draw - Webflow
Read-only: Webflow - Alternate Column Scroll
Published: Draw

Hey @alembukvich, have you tried it without your custom cursor? either that or give your cursor wrapper pointer-events: none. I hope this helps.

Tim got back to me! I did try not using the cursor or setting pointer events none on the cursor (wrapper) but it didn’t work. The code adds a combo class of .active on the grid items, but I didn’t set the bg color on the combo class. That’s why I wasn’t seeing anything on rhe canvas.

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