I have to click twice on button for the link to open

I created a button from the side bar and put a link into the settings

Everytime I click, it does not open the first time. I have to click on it more than twice or thrice for it to work.

How do I fix this?

Hi @Jeet_Shah,

To be able to look into this further, could you please provide us with a Read-only link to your website?


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here’s the read only link -


Which button are you having issues with? They all worked first try for me.

If possible it’s worth trying on another browser - hopefully this can better pinpoint what could be causing this.

the submit button on the navbar. It seems to work fine on mobile, but desktop one is a hit or a miss

Ah I was able to replicate now. If you remove the interaction it should fix the issue.

That’s also the reason why it’s working fine on mobile, because you can’t mouse hover :smile:

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